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2  Schedule

The course is structured as a series of participatory live-coding sessions interspersed with hands-on exercises and group work, using either a practice dataset or some other real-world dataset. There are some lectures given, mainly at the start and end of the course. The general schedule outline is shown in the below table. This is not a fixed schedule of the timings of each session — some may be shorter and others may be longer. Instead, it is meant to be an approximate guide and overview.

Time Session topic
9:30   Arrival. Coffee and snacks
10:00   Introduction to the course
10:30   Management of R projects (with short break)
12:30   Lunch
13:15   Networking and social activity
13:35   Version control and collaborative practices
14:45   Break with coffee and snacks
15:00   Version control and collaborative practices
17:00   End-of-day short survey
Time Session topic
9:00   Data management and wrangling
10:15   Break with coffee, tea, and snacks
10:30   Data management and wrangling (with short break)
12:15   Lunch
13:00   Networking and social activity
13:20   Creating reproducible documents
14:45   Break with coffee and snacks
15:00   Creating reproducible documents
17:00   End-of-day short survey
Time Session topic
9:00   Data visualizations
10:15   Break with coffee and snacks
10:30   Data visualizations (with short break)
12:15   Lunch
13:00   Group work (with break)
16:00   Testing reproducibility of projects
16:20   Closing remarks
16:45   Short survey and farewell